Neon Nights

Models: Ethieny Karen e Bibiana Vargas

Forbidden to bathe in the sunlight, Neon surrounds herself with night lights.

The artificiality created by mortals satisfies her. For centuries she sought shelter on lighted nights: Paris, Tokyo, New York, Las Vegas. Over time the satisfaction brought by these luminous centers was no longer enough. What Neon needed was light running through her veins. Blood was no longer enough, it was necessary to ingest luminescence.

Living a  life that is not alive made her feels like she was a lie. Neon, embracing the possibilities of not even being real, chose the image that would constitute the myth of herself: light and glow, inside and outside. To keep in this form, Neon periodically repeats a ritual. In artificially illuminated hells, she chooses her victim. Music leads the hypnosis. Glances, steps, hip. Neon offers the cup filled with a special chemistry capable of turning the red of the blood into a fluorescent magenta. By biting her victim, she eats light and raves for nights on end. Satisfied, she sits in the armchair of the room, in delight with the luminescence that runs in her guts and the bright neon signs invading the room’s shade.

PHOTOS  Larissa Anzoategui
MAKEUP Palmira Nogueira
CONCEPT/PRODUCTION Larissa Anzoategui and Ramiro Giroldo
WRITING Larissa Anzoategui