Models: Adrie L, Erika B., Flora Lira, Mera, Nathalia, Patricia Souza e Simone Stiff.

I do not trust someone who bleeds for more than three days and does not die. ” It was with this idea that the world confined women to the background. Some have accepted, others resist, and there are those who want more. More than simply resisting.

It’s night. There are women who do not know what they can, others are suspicious that maybe they can fly and there are those who want more. More than frighteningly challenging the laws of physics.

It’s night. There are six women. Six women who want more.

It is night, and in it, among many, it is chosen at random one of the unbelieving believers among those who bleed for days and are still alive. He opens like a peacock.

The moon rises. There is a peacock displaying itself to one of the six women. The six women want more … blood! More blood than six women can produce in more than three days.

Tonight there are six women weaving – with their own spittle from their evil spit and the blood of the other’s viscera. Weaving the seventh woman.


It’s night. Full moon night. Six women tear the seventh sister out of the gut of the unbeliever. The seven women want more. More than passing  through a male rib.

Tonight seven women bathe in blood. Blood in larger amounts than together they can produce in more than three days. Sacrifice touches the earth, hot as fire. It wets like water, evaporating. When it touches the air, it awakens all the others. Beings that bleed for more than three days without dying now take up the sky as if a shower of witches was rushing. They want more. More. More.

PHOTOS Larissa Anzoategui
MAKEUP Palmira Nogueira
CONCEPT/PRODUCTION Ramiro Giroldo e Larissa Anzoategui
WRITING Larissa Anzoategui