Ártemis Perchta

with Mera Viera, Flora Lira e Lucas Anjos

The longest night of the year is approaching. Long, cold and bloody.

For some the blood will bring redemption and good harvest, for others it will be the end, because their punishment and their blood will produce the weight that equilibrates the balance of good and evil for the next moons.

Many creatures of  heaven and hell run through the longest night of the year. One of them is Artemis Perchta, a hunting goddess and also a protector of feminine wisdom. For those who have tainted their protégés, there is only one piece of advice: “It is better to hide from the veil of the huntress!”

Every night on December 24, Artemis Perchta floats a few inches off the ground, dragging her  long veil in search of rotting-hearted men. When she founds them, she clenches her fists around the cursed organ, ripping it out. She delights in the taste of revenge, and finally puts the blood of the corpse over one of the balance plates. The red liquid washes for some time the wickedness of the world.

Artemis Perchta leaves this world at 6:00 am on December 25th, leaving protection for all women in the air and the good fortune of reaping wisdom by dancing under the moon.

PHOTOS Larissa Anzoategui
MAKEUP Palmira Nogueira
CONCEPT  Larissa Anzoategui
PRODUCTION Ramiro Giroldo e Larissa Anzoategui
WRITING Larissa Anzoategui